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Shooting Fall 2019.


A fun but dangerous tale about a weedy charity-shop worker Paul Dood (30), a chronic underachiever… It should have been the best day of his life; he was all set to enter the local heats of an XFactor style national talent competition… this was his ‘big chance’! He had everything: a sparkly suit, a killer routine, and his dear old mother in tow. But the actions of five selfish people cause Paul to miss the audition, ruining his day, his chance at fame and killing his mother, whose old heart just couldn’t take the stress! 


Now Paul plans deathly revenge on the people who got in his way: one lunch break, five spectacular murders. Each wrongdoer dispatched in a fitting manner by the sparkly suited Paul on a revenge rampage around a small town. Will he pull it off and will he find the fame he’s always longed for?!


Currently Casting, To shoot Aug 20

When divorced dad (Nick) decides to take his fifteen year old daughter to his favourite music festival, he doesn’t count on her wildchild best friend coming along too. Nor his ten year old son. Nor the uptight au pair who his ex-wife insists keep an eye on them.... How difficult can it be? Two nights camping in a field?


But Nick soon finds his limited parenting skills aren’t quite up to the job. First his daughter and her friend have gone AWOL, then the au pair accidentally takes an hallucinogenic drink and finally, having now lost all three kids under his charge, Nick manages to get himself ejected from the festival. Only as he sits on a country bus, desperately attempting to get back to the festival site, does he reflect that his ex-wife was right: perhaps it is time he ought to grow up. Meanwhile, his fifteen year old daughter is experiencing an accelerated coming-of-age journey of her own. 

GLORIOUS will be the first film to properly capture the spirit of the British Music Festival, with all of its drama and cinematic scale.


Currently working with writing team develop Shrine Taylor's Blog into script.

“I am a wanderer. I am a traveler. I am curious, unafraid, and ambitious...”  

...Simply put, I am a twenty-year old gal with more energy than a five year old boy. I’m the one who sings to every cow I pass, and the one who will make friends with just about anyone I happen upon along the road. I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet. I strongly believe that the key to happiness, and therefore success, is to do everything you have ever dreamed of doing. And if you don’t start now, who is to say you ever will? 


The story of Shirine Taylor, the wandering nomad on her bicycle, traveling solo across India. The tales of the incredible and loving people of India, the breathtaking sights, delicious foods and smells and magical encounters mixed with a darker side of loneliness, sexism and petrifying close calls with rape, nature and illness... A tale of self discovery of a loving young girl and a spirit of adventure that we can all relate to. Set against the rich backdrop of Indian music, culture and scenery. 


Currently attaching Director, To shoot early 2020

Newly retired from the British Army, Paul Priestley arrives in the Yorkshire fishing village of Lynstoe. Suffering from chronic battle fatigue and PTSD he is a man on the edge of life, a man on the edge of reason, and here at the edge of the world, he hopes to free himself from the guilt that has plagued him since his best friend died protecting him from the IRA in the Irish combat.


He has a promise he made to his friend that he must fulfill. The promise that has supported and crippled him during his long recovery, and now his biggest fear is finding something worth living for when he has passed it on.


Falling in love with the gothic beauty of the village and it’s bizarre inhabitants, and beguiled by a woman his remorse and guilt prevents him from loving... But when a storm hits the cost, bringing with it some demons from Paul’s past… Paul is a man prepared to die if he must to protect that which he has come to love... He will not sell his life cheaply…. They had better get ready for war!


Currently Developing, To shoot Summer 2020.

A Tale of Love, Lust and Longing - Played Out Over a Long Hot Spring Quarter.


A film about forbidden love - set at the world’s most famous school, Eton College, 1982. The age-old story of falling in love for the first time. Kim in his final year of Eton, with a career in the army mapped out in front of him, meets his new piano mistress India, and his whole world changes... 


As he learns about love, life and what it takes to stand up for what you believe; he wrestles with the demons of jealousy and self doubt. We watch as his whole world falls apart. This is a film that captures an intoxicating blend of lust, rage and searing jealousy that takes one boy on a journey of discovery.


We follow Kim and his contemporaries in capturing the spirit of a past age, the last major expression of traditional English imperialism. A brilliant, tender evocation of teenage love, lust and angst.


Currently in Development.

Recently widowed Brian Jarvis is an unlikely candidate for new director of the Amateur Dramatics troop in Bramhook - not least because he hates everything about it. But when his late wife leaves him a script, with her dying wish being that he direct it, he isn’t left with much of a choice. We watch as Brian juggles small village politics, devious old women with histories of violence and Nina Mirchandani’s six wild children, as he attempts to win a prestigious ‘Cornish Regional Amateur Performance Award’ (a CRAPA). 


Will he be able to overcome the deeply held prejudices of him and his friends at the Working Men’s club when it comes to the characters involved in Am-Dram? Will he be able to control Charlie Brush, the little old man in charge of pyrotechnics? And will his late wife Dawn’s play bring the village, and more personally Brian and his estranged son, together in the way that she had foreseen.  


It’s a big story for a small village, both on and off the stage, all played out to the music of the calamitous Bramhook Players.


Currently in Development.

A team of demolition men take on a contract to renovate and demolish part of what they soon learn to be a haunted house. Think The Full Monty meets Evil Dead with a slice of Ghost Busters black comedy thrown in for good measure


Currently in Development.

Middlesbrough, New Years Eve 1999.

The Dealer tells the story of Joe, a young, debonair, womanising drug dealer, seemingly living the high life, but it’s a life he wants to escape, a lie he’s been living for years to hide from a lonely reality. The film follows Joe for the 12 hours running up to Midnight. 


Currently Financing - Producers: The Big Sky.

The most shocking statistics can be difficult to relate to; 10,000 slaves is a fact, but the story of a single slave is a tragedy. Baron Lands will tell a highly emotive story, focusing on true, first-hand accounts of the living nightmares experienced by those existing within Indonesia’s colossal palm oil industry.