Belstone Pictures

UK Indie Feature Film Production company
In creating a safe and secure working environment for our creative teams to prosper, we oversee and lead projects from conception through financing and production into sales, distribution and exhibition. All the while, working hand in hand with our powerful and driven filmmakers // storytellers to create captivating films people can connect with. Our aim is to always push the boundaries whilst communicating and sharing inspirational and spellbinding stories. Doing so in a new, exciting or unique style, for a large and ever changing audience and market place.

Storytelling is at the heart of the business so discovering and developing fascinating and inspirational stories runs through the veins at Belstone. They believe in turning the lonely process of writing and development into a collaborative and exciting process to create strong and unique IP.

Belstone have experience as lead producers handling all aspects of production and provide full on the ground expertise from Line Producing and Production Managing while also high level Producing… Bringing the full operational insight from differing budget sizes and expectations to oversee the process’ and delivering every project on time and under budget.

Belstone collaborates with several financing partners along with a small internal fund giving them the ability to green light projects. They operate with an intuitive, transparent and logic based approach to deliver and facilitate both equity and debt structured deals.

Belstone films have received distribution globally with Netflix, Film4, Fox, IFC Films, Cineworld, HBO and Showtime. They have handled sales internally and also have fantastic relationships with top sales agents in order to deliver and secure the best distribution packages for their films to audiences worldwide.

Trailers and Distribution Partners

We have released three feature films, with our fourth currently in post production along with a slate of 10+ projects in varying stages of development. Here you can browse the latest trailers and additional content for the current releases.

A selection of the distribution partners we have collaborated with on our last three films:

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The Belstone Slate

In Production and On Release

Our current slate story!


4 Feature Films // 1 TV Show // 3 Short Films



3 Feature Films

As an independent production company we carefully select and nurture the stories we produce and release. Therefore we have released one film per year for the past few years... however we are aiming to release 2 - 3 titles per year from 2020/21 onwards.

Please support the UK film industry and watch / share our films with friends and family... Click the link below to see where you can access our titles for DVD, stream or download. Thank you from the Belstone family. 


The Belstone Slate

In Development and Pre Production